Top 10 Search Engines in the World

Internet has evolved a long way from ARPANet to today’s world Internet. And the way people use it has also changed. Now there are Millions and Billions of websites on the Internet hosted throughout the world. But when you need to search something then you cannot open all websites. Here come search engines for our help. There are many search engines throughout the world. Here I am listing the Top 10 Search engines in the World.

Top 10 Search Engines in the World

                            Top 10 Search Engines in the World

Top 10 Search Engines in the World


                            Top 10 Search Engines in the World

Google Logo

1. Google: Google the world’s best Search Engine was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they studied in Stanford University. At first it was just a college project but later both of them launched it on the Internet in 1998 and from that time google has never looked back and evolved to be the world’s most visited website. And later many other services were added to Google such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Play etc.

Yahoo Logo

2. Yahoo! : Yahoo is the search engine which was somewhat comparable to Google a few years back. Yahoo is not only a search engine but it is also a news portal, shopping center, Mail Box, horoscope etc. Basically it is an All in One search engine ranging from news to fitness to Yahoo Answers and so on.

                            Top 10 Search Engines in the World

Bing Logo

3. Bing / MSN Search: Bing is the search engine mostly famous in the Asia’s. Bing started by Microsoft on May 2009 was started in collaboration with Yahoo i.e. the Bing search results will be powerd by Yahoo Search. That means Bing used the Yahoo Database for showing the search results when it was just started but now its the opposite. Bing is often called as “Decision Engine”.

ask logo

4. Ask / Ask Jeeves: Ask or Ask Jeeves is a reputed name in the World Wide Web. It is one great rival for all other search engines and has really good search options just like Google and Bing. The feature that makes differs Ask from Others is “results grouping”. The results display are more cleaner than Google, Bing and Yahoo.

                            Top 10 Search Engines in the World

Duck Duck Go Logo

5. Duck Duck Go: This somewhat looks like Google search at first site but it has many subtleties which makes it different from others. Duck Duck Go has a feature called “Zero Click” which displays all you answers on the first page only. Once again Duck Duck Go has less ad spams and displays clean results. And the best feature is that it does not record your searches neither you location. Thus keeping you anonymous unlike Google.

dogpile logo

6. DogPile:  Years ago DogPile used to be the choice of people throughout the world when Google has just started. But later it got lost in the large world of websites and search engines and thus lost its position to Google. But now DogPile is coming back with clean user Interface and better search indexed results. It also provides you helpful crosslinks along with pleasent presentation.

                            Top 10 Search Engines in the World

Blekko Logo

7. Blekko: Being launched in 2007 is the most newest of all of the above listed search engines. It boasts of being the spam-free search engine and with many new and advanced user friendly features which provides a strong and customized search facilities and also.  Blekko is very different from its way of displaying the search results. Webmasters can also submit their website to Blekko. Blekko uses slashtag which is similar to hashtags in twitter. Blekko is gaining popularity day by day and not it has come up in the list of the Top 10 Search enignes in the world.

Aol logo

8. AOL: AOL is also another all in one service type search engine just like Yahoo. besides searching there are other features also such as AOL Mail, AOL Music, AOL Software Downloads as well as AOL local weather on its homepage only.

                            Top 10 Search Engines in the World

Webopedia Logo

9. Webopedia: One of the most useful websites on the Internet. It is and encyclopedia dedicated to technology. Go and search anything on or related to technology, Computers etc. and you will find it there. A very good place for people with less technical knowledge to gain more knowledge.

AltaVista logo

10. AltaVista: AltaVista was a famous search engine launched in 1995 and later owned by Yahoo but due to rise of Google it lost its place and was shut down in May 2011. But later restarted in 2012 and now it is up and running. As of now it uses Yahoo’s search engine to display search results with Yahoo’s branding.

Despite many other search engines out their on the internet Google remains to be the undisputed king of the Internet throughout the world and tops every list of Top 10 Search engines in the world or best search engines in the world. Do comment and share your views with us and do tell me if I missed any important one. Happy Browsing… :)

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