How to Choose a WordPress theme for your Blog / Website ?

WordPress being the most popular CMS has a large support Community. Because of this reason there are many Themes, Plugins etc. available for WordPress users.The first thing you need for your WordPress Blog / website is a theme and choosing a theme can be a big headache for you as you need to keep many things in mind while selecting the theme. So here is a guide as to how to choose a WordPress theme for your blog / website??

There are many factors which should be considered while selecting theme for your blog or Website. below is a list of all them.

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                      How to Choose a WordPress theme ?

How to Choose a WordPress theme ?

how to choose a WordPress theme

You need to keep several things in mind while selecting theme for your WordPress Blog / Website.

1. Niche

First of all when you are looking for a theme just see it the theme you have selected for your blog / website will fit into your niche or not. If you want to make a website on Movies and you choose Twenty Twelve theme (without Customisation) then its of no use. Just look for some good blogs / websites of your niche and take a look at theme they are using. What kind of theme they are using, what aligning of content sidebar etc.

Choose a niche specific theme.

                      How to Choose a WordPress theme ?

2. Look And Design

The theme should be good looking as well as easy to use. By easy to use I mean that the users should be able to find whatever they are looking for such as Navigation menu etc. The design should be such that the main links to your Website / Blog should be visible clearly such as Categories, About Page, Contact Page, Sitemap etc. i.e. your navigation bar should be easily visible to the visitors.

Also avoid any distracting colours in the Navigation Bar. Choose colours wisely because some colours are known to be more eye friendly to visitors eyes such as the orange colour on TheNextWeb or the blue colour on ShoutMeLoud.

                      How to Choose a WordPress theme ?

3. Speed

In today’s post Panda and post Penguin world the theme should be fast loading. Suppose if someone visits your website and it takes a long time for your website to load then chances are there that the visitors will simply close your website or maybe would not visit any other page on your website thus increasing Bounce Rate. So speed matters a lot from SEO point of view also. So choose a theme which is fast loading.

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                      How to Choose a WordPress theme ?

4. SEO Optimized

Again here I would say that in the Post Panda and the Post penguin world you want your theme to be SEO optimized. Most of the themes today claim that they are SEO optimized . If you know a little bit of coding then look into the theme files or read the Documentation of the theme (if it has one) to ensure that the theme is assigning H1 to the Post Title and that alt tags are proper for images.

If you do not know coding just simply try to find some reviews from the net about the theme and see if any popular blogs use it / recommend it.

Choosing an SEO optimized theme is the call for the day.

                      How to Choose a WordPress theme ?

5. Browser Compatibility

Do check that the theme is compatible with major browsers mainly Internet Explorer because IE still holds the maximum no. of Browser shares throughout the world. Check the theme documentation for compatibility of the theme with different browsers. Create a sub-domain and install the theme on it and then check it for compatibility yourself.

Ensure that the theme is compatible with all major browsers.

                      How to Choose a WordPress theme ?

 6. Trusted Developer

Some developers are known to put malicious code into the theme files before distributing it / selling it. So, check about the reputation and trustworthiness of the developer by finding more about the developer on the net. Do check if the developer of the theme is trusted or not because if you are served with a theme containing malicious code then you could end up getting your website hacked and loosing all your website data.

Always check is the developer of the theme is trusted or not and do a Virus Scan of the theme at VirusTotal :  Go To Virustotal

                      How to Choose a WordPress theme ?

The Themes We Recommend 

Based on all the points above here are some of the themes which are worth considering i.e. the themes which we recommend:

1. Themes from Mythemeshop

2. Swith Theme by Satish Gandham

3. Techmaish theme by Bilal Ahmed

4. Thesis 

5. Genesis


Theme plays an important role in your website’s online presence so choose a theme wisely and do consider the above points while choosing the theme.

So these were the few factors which you should keep in mind when selecting theme for your WordPress blog. Do comment and let me know if I missed any, I will surely update the post. Comments otherwise are also welcome. Happy Browsing.. :)

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