Format Virus Infected Pen Drive

We all use Pen Drives to transfer data from one PC to another. I also remember my childhood days I used to get Games  from my friends in a Pen Drive. And with that came lots of viruses which used to mess up my whole PC. Most of the viruses are not visible when we access the Pen Drive but they do mess up our Operating System and so we know that they are there. But we are unable to delete them since they are not visible.
I would suggest you install an antivirus to take care of these kind of issues.

Most of the times we are able to format the Pen drive but sometimes even after formatting the virus is still present in Pen Drive or the Pen Drive does not gets formatted.So here I am sharing three ways to format virus Infected Pen Drive or Memory Card i.e micro SD card.

format virus infected pen drive

Format Virus Infected Pen Drive or Memory Card.

Three Way to do so are:

  1. Go to Windows >> Run in Windows XP,7 and Vista. Windows 8 users press Windows + R on keyboard
    Now type “cmd” and press enter.
    Now in the DOS  window (Black Colour Window) which opens up type  ” FORMAT F ” without Inverted commas. (here F is the drive letter of my pendrive/memory card)
  2. If the above does not work try this one . This always works.
    FORMAT X: /FS:FAT32 /Q /V: PenDrive” (here x is the drive letter of my pendrive/memory card..and write without quotes AND DO NOT GIVE SPACE BETWEEN “V: AND PENDRIVE” HERE I GIVED SPACE BECAUSE IT WAS TURNING INTO A SMILEY)
  3. This is the third way to Format a Virus Infected Pen drive or Memory card.
    Use a Linux Box
    Other solution to format virus infected pen drive is to insert it into a PC on which Linux is installed and then format it on that PC only. Since Linux systems are unaffected by viruses so you will be able to format virus infected Pen Drive or Memory Card.
    When you put a virus infected pen Drive in a Linux system and then open it you will be able to see all the content including the viruses. If you do not want to format the Pen Drive you can delete the viruses.

Hope this helps you  in Formatting your Virus Infected Pen Drive or Memory Card. If you get stuck anywhere do ask by commenting below. I will try to reply as soon as possible.

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