Best Free Antivirus 2013 for all Windows

Windows 8 has been the most promising Windows till date. But because it is very new many programs are incompatible with Windows 8. Windows 8 comes with inbuilt Windows 8 Defender Antivirus while earlier versions have Microsoft Security Essentials.  But still some users may feel the need of Antivirus on Windows besides MSE or Windows Defender. So in this post I am going to share Best free Antivirus 2013 for all Windows which are compatible with Windows 8 also and will provide maximum protection to your PC.

Best Free Antivirus 2013 for Windows

best free antivirus for windows 8

1. Avast Free Antivirus

Avast is my all time favorite whether its PC or Android Phones. This is number one in my list of Best Free Antivirus 2013 for Windows. There is no other free antivirus which can beat avast in its Virus Detecting ability and also in its speed. The biggest advantage of using Avast is that it uses very less resources of your PC. So you won’t feel any difference in your PC experience even after installing Avast. Also scanning speed of Avast is much more as  compared to any other Antivirus.
Download Avast Here: Avast Download

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2. AVG Free Antivirus 2013

AVG is a well-known Antivirus which has been there for some time. And it was the most downloaded Antivirus in 2011. But it lost its number one place to Avast due to its high PC resource consumption. Though it has very low detection rates as compared to other best antivirus , it handily outperformed Microsoft Security Essentials. The reason it is on number two is its ability to  disable 100 percent of detected malware. Scanning speed of AVG is also good as compared to others.
Download AVG here: AVG Download

3. Avira Free Antivirus

While scanning speed of Avira is pretty low but still it ranks third due to its good detection rate. Avira has the third highest detection rate for spotting known malware. And it also does not eats up your PC resources as it uses fewer resources of your PC as compared to AVG.
Download Avira here: Avira Download

4. Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda cloud Antivirus is the one which requires active Internet Connection as the “Cloud” in the name tells. Panda Antivirus tied up with AVG for the best performance at fully blocking brand-new threats. But if you don’t have an active Internet connection you need not to install Panda Cloud Antivirus.
Download Panda Cloud Antivirus Here: Panda Download

Alternatively you can download all the above Antivirus softwares from Filehippo if you find any difficulty in downloading from above given links.

So this was my list of the Best Free Antivirus 2013 for Windows. If you think that I have missed any points or if you have your own favorite Antivirus then do comment and tell me I will surely add it in this post. Happy browsing… :)

  1. This is really an appropriate list of best free anti-virus, others on the Internet are mentioning some stupid software as best.. Best free antivirus:


    Paid antivirus is Quick Heal.

    • Hello Ismiaprial,
      Yeah there were some issues in previous version of Avast 7..but the BSOD problem was fixed in the last version of Avast 7 i.e. Avast 7.0.1474 but it still had some issues ..
      And the new Avast 8 is made Windows 8 Commpatible..
      As expected every new version of Avast has something new…
      By the way Thanks for remindind I will update the post above..
      Thanks for visiting and Commenting on Iocreed
      Ashwani Kumar Singh

  2. Guys its a good review but i am amazed that antivirus like F- Secure and Bit defender have not made your list. International AV testing labs keep these two at the. You should test these man that are amazing!

    • Hello Rupesh,
      I have listed these Antivirus based on my experience. What I have seen in the past few years.
      BTW thanks for mentioning them. The next time while writing article on Antivirus I would obviously consider them..

  3. I work as a freelance computer tech and I always recommend avast free antivirus to my clients. It has high detection rate with simple and easy user interface especially the 2014 version. Pro version is great but for personal use pc, the free one is sufficient enough for protection. Download the AVAST 2014 version from this link

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