Avast vs AVG | Which one to Choose ?

Avast and AVG are the most downloaded free Antivirus throughout the world. Both of them have some plus points as well as some minus points. As the title : “Avast vs AVG ” suggests , this article is an unbiased comparison between the two Antivirus.

We will compare them for many features starting from Installation to Scanning to updating.

Avast vs AVG

So here starts the war (lol) :  Avast vs AVG

Avast vs AVG


                  Avast vs AVG | Which one to Choose ?


AVG: The new AVG 2013 has quick and easy installation. And if one chooses to install Security Bar and AVG secure search engine than it may increase the installation time.

Avast: The installation of new Avast is certainly faster than the earlier versions. Also in avast the installation time will increase if you choose to install any add-ons provided while Avast installation.

                 Avast vs AVG | Which one to Choose ?

User Interface

AVG: The new user interface of AVG 2013 is of  Metro style and is very attractive  and easy to use. All the important function buttons visible straight away such as the “UPDATE” button etc.

Avast vs AVG


Avast: The new Interface of Avast 8 is just awesome. Now all the important functions are on the starting screen of Avast and you need not to go deep into the menus to find a single thing. Everything is in the front. The new UI of Avast is really attractive. A must try for all.

Avast 8

                  Avast vs AVG | Which one to Choose ?


AVG: AVG being one of the best antivirus not only protects your PC from threats but also its LinkScanner protects your PC from online threats that may creep into your system. Besides that Email and Rootkit scan are additional plus points to AVG. There is this AVG Advisor feature which will warn you when your Browser uses too much CPU.

AVG is no doubt a good antivirus but I and many of my friends faced this problem that AVG is not capable to detect the new threats and thus compromises our PC’s security. I had to format my whole PC  just because a Virus had entered my PC which would direct me straight away to a blue screen.

AVAST: Avast being the most downloaded Antivirus has all the features of AVG plus an extra feature of Boot-Time scan. It protects you from all the threats whether they are new or old. Thus Avast scores over AVG in detecting new threats. I have not faced any problems with my PC from the time I started using Avast.
But sometimes Avast does show some false positives i.e. a file may not be Virus but Avast may show it as a virus. So before deleting / Quarantining viruses with Avast do check if it contains some important file which may not be a Virus.

Also the Malware detection rate of Avast is much better than that of AVG.

                  Avast vs AVG | Which one to Choose ?

Performance / CPU Usage

AVG: AVG no doubt has great features but when it comes to CPU usage and you have a 1 GB RAM then think twice before using AVG . Because if your run heavy applications which require lot of RAM and then in between you open AVG then you would be crying ( 😛 ) for one or two minutes, your PC may hang. AVG is resource hoggy. It uses lot of resources of your PC. The updates ae small but it needs daily manual updation.

Avast: Avast scores over AVG in terms of Performance also. While AVG is resource hoggy Avast uses almost no resources of your PC (unless you are on 256 MB RAM 😛 ). Earlier versions did used some resources but now the recent versions of Avast 7 and Avast 8 will not even let you feel that you are running an antivirus. So in terms of resource usage Avast wins the race. In Avast updates are small as well as automatic.

                  Avast vs AVG | Which one to Choose ?


For me Avast wins the race because of its good Malware detection rate, less resource usage, and also because of its good rate of detecting NEW THREATS. Also if AVG had good User Interface then the User Interface of Avast has also been redesigned to make the users feel more comfortable. So Avast is the clear winner for now. Maybe AVG could improve their technology more to become the number one.

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So, I would suggest that go for Avast rather than AVG unless you have one good reason to go for AVG or you are an employee of AVG ( 😛 ).

Put your thoughts in the form of comments below and do let us know your preferences. Comments otherwise are also welcome.

Disclaimer :  The review / Comparison is totally Unbiased and the author has not been paid in any form for doing this comparison.

  1. Very good in-depth look at both AVG and Avast. I have used both in the past but I currently use Microsoft Security Essentials. It looks like they have come a long way. I am going to check them out for that very reason… thanks for sharing!

  2. Avast has been 3 years on my pc and there were no malware since then. I mean it, it’s not the case that the PC is full of malware and the user is not aware of. Try it and you ‘ll see that it’s better than many other antivirus products. And it’s FREE!!

  3. I like comodo rather than avast because it has a strong firewall,but for me avast is best because i use win7 64 bit only in 1gb of ram.so avast makes a faster performance

    • Hello Abhi.. For me Avast is the best option. There is something or the other in Avast because of which it beats every other Antivirus.
      Thanks for stopping by,
      Ashwani Kumar Singh

      • When I used avast it didn’t let me download anything and my computer got all glitchy. I was downloading safe things such as google chrome. HELP?

        • Hello Jake,
          I haven’t seen this type of behavior of Avast even once. May be your System date and time are not correct. This may also be a reason. But I am not sure as to why you are getting this error.
          But you can always mail to their support team and they would reply you.

          Ashwani Kumar Singh

    • Hello Bina,

      I am obviously referring to Avast Free because as far as I have seen there is not much difference in Avast Free and Paid versions. And Avast free is much much better than many other Paid Antivirus.

      Ashwani Kumar Singh

    • Hello Mickie,
      Haven’t heard of Emsisoft much..
      But I will obviously try it an if I find it worthy than I would obviously write an article on it alslo..
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Ashwani Kumar Singh

  4. Hello Ashwani,
    I dumped the Norton pkg(included on new purchase of my wife’s older HP laptop – Win 7) I Used Trend Micro (also included when laptop was purchased)until promo period was over. Dabbled with a couple other free AV protection systems including AVG and then went to Avast. It has been rock solid and resource friendly ever since installation. I concur with your findings.

    Have you heard of, used, tested or compared GData to Avast?
    I’m an ”old ” duffer, know enough to get into trouble and slow to change … (old DOS lover)
    Over the years I’ve probably built a dozen systems or so with different OSs. However… my base unit is still a desktop running XP Pro MCE ……. All this to get to the point that i’ve been using GData (A German AV System) trial version for about a year It really worked well …. BUT…… even though GData is NOT supposed to be a resource hog…… I’ve found it difficult to determine what is turned on and when and how it THEN effects one’s system resources…… over a period of time I have activated different levels of scans which included “black lists” , “white lists etc” retention holds and dump cycles which have inadvertently turned my GData into the “resource hog” I so desparately wanted to avoid. Sooooo… MY guess is… I’m a bit too “dumb” for GData’s “interface” and file control software. As a result of this little story… and finally to my point….. I have removed GData and am looking again for the best “free fix”….
    Reading your review helped me to “Take my own advice” (as I did so long ago with my Wife’s laptop) and put Avast on MY system as well. Thanks for your article. — Ron

    • Hello Ron,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your Views with us..Really glad to know that the article helped you a lot.
      And as far as Anti-virus are concerned Avast is the best… and no other free antivirus can beat Avast.. I have myself used around 20 free antivirus including Gdata, and Avast was the winner out of all the 20 Antivirus..
      Ashwani Kumar Singh

  5. I’ve had Avast Free on my laptop for 4 years and my father had it on his laptop (which I use often), too, until last month – he switched to AVG, too – so I know what I’m talking about; I have just one word for Avast: HEAVY.

    No matter how much RAM, GB of HDD, or the processor you have, Avast will hog all the computer’s resources, making everything slower; forget doing anything else while it’s updating, because anything will go as slow as an old dial-up connection. Compared to that, AVG is a breeze, it protects you from the background and your pc stays safe and sound while you browse the net to your heart’s content.

    Avast also requires a computer reboot after every program update, and if you don’t do it immediately, your pc start going slower and slower; on the contrary, AVG requires reboot only after major updates. This way, you don’t lose time when you’re working on some important project.

    Let’s not talk about false positives.: before adjusting its settings, Avast kept seeing pretty much all my father’s text documents as dangers; it did that for any new notepad doc my dad created. AVG doesn’t even “acknowledge” them.

    The last flaw in Avast is minor, but oh sooo annoying: the pop-up sandbox; for every single operation Avast does – even the tiniest and insignificant one – that thing pops up distracting you. In a two-hours section, you’ll see like 5 of those, against the one at most of AVG.

    So, I say AVG all the way.
    Avast is excellent as well but, in my opinion, it’s suited for very powerful computers.

    • Hello Sasha,
      Sorry to say but I do not agree with any of your points
      Avast runs pretty well even on 512 MB of RAM. And if you open up the AVG Interface (on 512 MB RAM) it takes upto 2 minutes to open up completely (and then you say that AVG is fast).

      And about Program update- You don’t consider a program update a major update..lol :P..Virus definitions are smaller updates but program updates are obviously major updates. And every Antivirus requires reboot after Program update whether it is AVG or Avast

      And about showing text documents as wrong positives you must have been using some other Avast not the real Avast.
      I was using AVG some virus entered into my PC and it won’t start up and would give a blue screen asking to call on some International Numbers in order to unlock my PC. And then you say that AVG is the go.
      And now i feel like you are an AVG employee.

      Ashwani Kumar Singh

    • I agree with you. AVG is better, and always will be better.. I have 3 computers and I use AVG,Malwarebytes and Comodo Firewall. But anyways, I unstalled AVG on one of my computers and replaced it with stupid Avast.. Ha, what a joke. It slowed my computers,browser and boot time. I scanned all the scans with Avast, and of course it came up clean.. So what’s that mean? AVG has been doing a good job for the last 13+years.

      • Hello King,
        Thanks for your feedback. But I have written everything based on my experience with my PC as well as that of many other PC’s, those of my friends and relatives and clients etc. So I always use and suggest Avast. And I haven’t seen a single PC which was slowed by Avast until and unless the PC is running on 512 MB RAM..

        • Yeah, well didn’t happen that with AVAST for me, and few other PC’s I’ve tried it on, and some reviews I’ve read.
          But anyways, what ever works best right? I have another pc I got the other day for free. 512 Ram, has AVG Free, Comodo
          Firewall,Paid Malwarebytes and shit runs fast! Tried AVASTA first, took a shit, slower etc.

  6. Brother Ashwani ,
    Your Review has helped me a lot. I was thinking to try AVG. But i have Changed my mind…..
    I agee With U…..”.Avast free is much much better than many other Paid Antivirus.”
    Thanks for writing and sharing this Excellent article.
    All the best


  7. Hi Ashwani! Very good review overall. However, I have to disagree on this: AVG 2013 > Avast 8. I’ve been using Avast for almost 5 years but tbh I’m very disappointed with the new Avast 8. It isn’t compatible with Windows 8 thus causing so much trouble to connect to the internet (90% of the sites were blocked). Do a search on the internet and you will see how popular this issues is. I finally had to uninstall it and went for AVG 2013. Internet connection is perfect again, no more problem and the nice thing AVG 2013 is pretty fast and uses just under 50 MB RAM which is very impressive! FYI My laptop is running Windows 8 64bit, Core i7 Quad with 8 GB RAM

    • Hello Tung,
      Thanks for your nice feedback. I would love to reply to you.
      First of all you are saying that Avast 8 is not compatible with Windows 8. I am on Windows 8 from May 2012 (Consumer and Release Preview and now Win 8 Pro) and have been using Avast from the time I bought my PC but I didn’t find and compatibility issues with it, and none of my friends are facing any compatibility issue (I recommend this to my friends also). And yeah Avast is also really fast. The only antivirus which uses less resources than Avast is ESET. But still Avast rocks due to its Virus detection rates.
      Ashwani Kumar Singh

  8. Mainak Mallick

    Really a great comparison chart, I want to share some of my experience about this, previously I used McAfee , this is a bull shit antivirus, just slows your pc, then my friend recomends me to try avast!, then it was in version 6, i installed it, updated it, and from the beginning of that day, I just love avast!, nothing another antivirus programme, i am using it, and now I am enjoying the version 8, it is just awesome, avast! is free, but offers features like a paid antivirus, and in the meantime I installed avg, I accept the fact that avg is resource hungry when sacnning and updating, and auto update does not work so much, and i also faced trouble while uninstalling it, because i had to use an av uninstaller provided by avg official site to completely uninstall the leftover components in my hddsk, if any of my friend ask, i also recommend avast!, as it is fast, good detection rate, nice ui, and never slows ur pc, besides my whole friend circle including me is using avast! for previous 5 years without a single issue

  9. Hi Ashwani,
    thanks for your review. At the end I use also AVAST and it works perfect for me.

    One Question:
    You post a link of the license until 2038. The link is broken, or where I can find the article ?


  10. hey, i m using avast since last 4 years and its works great with windows xp and 7.. but now i musing windows 8 and avast block all the personilization option of my window. also many times the screen starts with blank and i have to restart my pc again..is there any solution for windows 8.

    • Hello Neeraj,
      First upgrade Avast to the latest version and see if it solves the problem.
      And if it still has any issues then the problem is avast anti-virus’ Real Time Shield, specifically the “Behavior Shield.” If you disable that, everything works fine. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

    • Hello Buddy,
      Whatever I have written above is based on my experience (and not that of others 😛 ) and I am not forcing you to believe or follow me. It’s up to you if you want to believe me or not. :)

    • Srikant,

      See the basis on which pc magazines rate the antivirus softwares. It usually rates based on whether the antivirus is able to remove virus from already infected system.I have used different antiviruses from comodo to avg and avast i must say avast is a truly great option.
      But i would also tell u to select an antivirus based on your use.Comodo is really good but it slows down my computer.Microsoft Security Essentials hasn’t worked good for me. So i would recommend to test the antiviruses on your pc before using them.
      And yes Ashwani a truly good post dude.

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