3D Analyzer Settings for GTA San Andreas and some more Games – Part 1

A few days back I wrote a post on How to play high end games on low end PC’s – Part 2 and in that I talked about 3d Analyzer and promised to share the settings of 3d Analyzer for some games. So here I am with with the 3d Analyzer settings for GTA San Andreas, 3d Analyzer settings for EA Cricket and some more games.

Download 3D Analyzer v 2.34  (for GTA San Andreas)

Download 3d Analyzer v 2.36   (for all other games)

3D Analyzer Settings

1. GTA San Andreas

First of all download 3d Analyzer v2.34 if you want to run GTA San Andreas using 3d Analyzer. v2.36 is the latest version but due to some bugs in that GTA San Andreas won’t run on v2.36 so you need to download 3d Analyzer v2.34 to run GTA San Andreas .

Download 3D Analyzer v 2.34

After downloading run 3d Analyzer and then select the exe of the game and then check the following boxes:-

1. Under Performance

Check the box :-  force SW TnL

2. Under Hardware Limits:

Check all the five boxes under Hardware limits

3. Under Pixel and Vertex Shader

check the following two boxes

  • force max. pixel shader version 1.4
  • force high precision pixel shader

4. Put Vendor ID: 4098 and Device ID: 20040

3d Analyzer settings for GTA San Andreas

5. Now click on Run and enjoy the game.


2. FIFA 09

For all other games excluding GTA San Andreas you can use 3d Analyzer v2.36.

1. Under Performance

Check the box saying:-  force SW TnL

2. Under Hardware Limits

check the box:- Emulate HW TnL caps

3. Under Pixel and Vertex Shader

check the following boxes:-

  • skip pixel shader version 2.0
  • force low precision pixel shader

4. Put Vendor ID:- 4098 and Device ID: 20040

3d Analyzer settings for FIFA 09

5. Run the game and enjoy.

3. Prototype

Use 3d Analyzer v 2.36

1.Under Performance

check :-

  • force SW TnL
  • disable lighting

2. Under Hardware Limits

Check the following boxes:

  • emulate pixel shader caps
  • emulate bump map caps
  • emulate max. sim. textures

3. Pixel and Vertex shader

leave everything as it is

4. Device ID and Vendor ID:- leave both as it is.

3d Analyzer settings for Prototype

5. Run the game and enjoy.

4.  Transformers

Use 3d Analyzer v 2.36

1. Under Performance leave everything as it is.

2. Under Hardware leave everything as it is.

3. Under pixel and vertex shader

check the following boxes:-

  • force max pixel shader version 1.1
  • skip pixel shader version 1.1
  • skip pixel shader version 1.4

4. On the right hand side under Fragment and Vertex Programs

check the box:- save programs to file shaders.out

5. Device ID and Vendor ID: leave everything as it is.

3d Analyzer settings for Transformers

6. Run the game and enjoy.


In this article I have shared 3d Analyzer Settings for 4 Games. In the next Part of this article  I will be sharing 3d Analyzer settings for some more games such as NFS Most Wanted, NFS Carbon, Brial Lara Cricket, EA cricket etc. So stay tuned to Iocreed for more.

If you face any problems in any of the steps aboove then do comment and let me know your problems and queries. Comments otherwise are also Welcome. Happy Browsing… :)

  1. Can I run GTA 4 with 3D analyzer. I have a Pentium Dual Core 2.10GHz CPU, 3GB RAM and 64mb dedicated video memory. Also my graphic card is integrated and has pixel shader version 4.0 and vertex shader version 4.0. Or should I use Swift Shader?
    Thank You

  2. I wanted to run PROTOTYPE. I followed your steps. All went good.But when i double click on the .bat file, a error occurs and says :- ” ERROR WHILE INJECTING DLL INTO TARGET PROCESS ”

    Please help regarding this error. Prototype is just slow which i want to solve using 3danlyzer.

    • Hello Yuvraj,
      The following alert with the message error while injecting dll into target process is is typically related to a missing 3D-Analyzer’s library named “hook_3DA.dll”. So please verify this file is included in 3D-Analyze’s installation folder (I mean the directory that contains other files like “3DAnalyze.exe” or “ForceDLL.dll”).
      and if it’s not there then delete the 3d Analyzer folder and extract it again to some other place.
      And if the above does not works then try this

      Right click on your shortcut and go to compatibility
      If “Run this program as an administrator” is enabled, disable it.
      And there you go. Now you can run your game on 3d analyzer without errors.

      Hope that this helps you :)

    • Hello Vishakhkb,
      3d Analyzer supports games upto GTA San Andreas and it does not support games released after that except a few.
      and the settings above are for FIFA 09 and not for FIFA 12.
      Ashwani Kumar Singh

  3. hello
    Ashwani Kumar Singh
    pls tell me the right settings for fifa 9 because every time i run it it runs well but after it starts loading it doest responds all I have to close and can you also tell me more games that I can run through 3d analyzer

  4. can i have setting for fifa 13 . just to increase fps.
    4gb ram
    intel i3
    intel graphics x4500
    1tb space

  5. i can run that application. i’ve do all step but when i klik “Run” the application just say ” could not copy C:\program files\3D Analyze\ForceDLL.dll to C\Program Files\EA\The sims 3\Bin\ForceDLL.dll !” what that mean? and what the solution with my problem?

  6. hey Ashwani Kumar I have a p4 and 1 gb ram and 64 mb virtual memory will GTA san andreas work properly without any lag on my pc

  7. Hey man, thanks for this article but can you tell me How can I run Call of Duty Black OPS 2 on intel gma x4500.

    My pc specs –
    Intel pentium dual core 2.28 ghz
    4gb ram
    Intel gma x4500

    Please tell me how can I run this game even on lowest graphics. Can I run Black OPS 2 with 3d analyzer.


  8. Akshay Parulekar

    Please, give me setting for
    The Mark PC Game.
    This game is also known as IGI3 the Mark or IGI4 the Mark. I don’t know why they called it as next version of IGI.
    Any way, please give me setting for this Game to run on Windows7 64 bit. :)

  9. Akshay Parulekar

    Hey Ashwani,
    Please Help me.
    I can’t run The Mark PC game on my Desktop Computer.
    Game opens successfully upto Main Menu & other Options. But when I click on New game & select difficulty Then the Loading screen appears for a minute & then my monitor get blink as Grey & White. But I can hear the sound of walking & Talking & gunshots.

    OS :- Windows7 64bit
    Processor :- Intel (R) Pentium (R) Dual CPU E2160 @ 1.80 GHz 1.80 GHz
    RAM :- 3 GB
    256 MB

    (But same game works properly on my fathers Laptop which has OS Windows7 32 bit & Nvidia Gforce.)

    I’ve downloaded your 3D Analyzer, but I don’t know setting required to run the game on my Desktop Computer.

    Please Give me setting.
    Than you! :)

  10. gta san andreas is runnig in 3d analyzerv34. it will white screen i try to play with your 3danlyzer settings but it is not runnig

  11. Shivakrishnan.R

    hai ashwani ,here you had mentioned 3d analyser for graphics and cheat engine for improved speed for prevent lagging.Please tell other tools like this.It would be glad for your reply…

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