3D Analyzer – Play High end games on low end PC – Part 2

Here is the Second Part of the Series on How to play high end games on low end PC. In the first part I talked about How to play high end games on low end PC using Swift Shader.

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For usage instructions of the Software scroll down a bit.

What is 3d Analyzer ?

3d Analyzer is a PC Software which enables us to play high end games on low end PC. Now what is actually 3d Analyzer and what does it do. 3d Analyzer does transform and lightning hardware emulation and helps in running TnL games on PC’s which do not have dedicated graphics card. It can emulate most of the features of 3d games such as pixelshader, bump maps, SW TnL etc.

But a normal user may not understand these technical terms so in laymen language it helps to play high end game son low end PC’s.

How to use 3d Analyzer to Play high end games on low end PC ?

First of all Download 3d Analyzer from the below link:

You will get a Zip file after downloading. Extract the Zip file. Now after extracting the Zip file you will find a file named 3danalyzer-v236.exe, double click on that. The file will ask for installation , choose the directory where you want to install 3d Analyzer and click on install. Now go to the directory where you installed 3d Analyzer and there you will see many file such as : 3DAnalyze.exe, ForceDLL.dll, beta.txt, hook_3DA.dll etc. Double click on the file named 3DAnalyze.exe to run it (do not touch any other file).

Now you will see the window as shown below:

3d Analyzer - how to play high end games on low end pc

Click on SELECT and then browse to the .exe (executable file of the game). For eg. if I install GTA San Andreas then the exe file of the game would be in the directory where I installed the game with the name gtasa.exe / gtasa. (Do not select the shortcut which are on desktop or anywhere else on the PC).

Now when you have selected the .exe file of the game. all the options of 3d Analyzer would now be enabled. Now select the graphic card to which you want to emulate the game.To select Graphic Card : see that names of some graphic cards are given. Now Vendor ID and Device ID is also given below their name. Copy /Write the Vendor ID and the Device ID of the Graphic Card which you want to emulate in the two boxes provided.  Now put a tick on the options which you want to enable and leave the rest of them. Now click on “RUN”.And voila your game will start running.

 I know that most of you may not be knowing which Vendor ID and Device ID to use for which game and which boxes to put a tick on and which boxes to leave as it is. I will be posting the list of games which 3d Analyzer can run and settings of some games such as GTA San Andreas, Cricket etc. so stay tuned to Iocreed.

Here are the settings of 3d Analyzer for GTA San Andreas and some more games: 3D Analyzer Settings for GTA San Andreas and some more Games – Part 1


So this was the second part of the tutorial on How to play high end games on low end PC. Read the first part here : Part – 1 : Play high end games on low end PC.

If you face any problem in following any of the above steps then do comment and let me know. I will help you out. Comments otherwise are also welcome.

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